Lees Summit Landscape Consulting & Design

Stepping into Kaye Vance’s backyard is like stepping into a garden oasis bursting with flowers of all colors, sizes and textures. Her garden draws you in as you stroll from the English garden at one end, to the shade and vegetable gardens at the other end. Benches are conveniently placed to sit and soak in the beauty of her flowers, shrubs and trees. Kaye has been a Lakewood resident for 41 years and is a charter member of the Lakewood Garden Club. She has been a landscape consultant for a number of years.

“I have a passion for gardening, and truly love helping others create their own beautiful gardens,” she said. “We were the first to build a home on our street; open space surrounded us, giving me a pallet from which to design my gardens,” noted Kaye. She transformed a flat, empty lawn into a berm of trees that flow into her English garden, which gently flows to her vegetable and shade gardens. “I advise my clients to begin with such staples as shrubs to help prevent soil erosion, and add year around interest in color.

“My mantra is repetition, mass (to reduce weeding), color and texture to keep the eye flowing from one space to another,” said Kaye. “I suggest selecting hybrids that are disease and pest resistant.” She reminds clients to be patient as it can take up to three years for plants to mature. She does not spray her flowers and plants, thus bumble bees enjoy buzzing from one flower to another. “My hope is to leave the Earth a better place than when I first arrived,” said Kaye.

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